Father Christian Beaulieu: "How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good He has done for me?" (Psalm 116)

       On June 9th 1968, a yound man said "yes" to serve the Lord as a priest. This 27 year old man already had an active preaching ministry within the apostolic movement of La Rencontre and the Pius X Secular Institute. But from now on, he was taking one more step in his journey to serve God's people as a priest and pastor!

       During the past 50 years, Father Christian Beaulieu has shared his charisms and talents for the great task of evangelization. Through his preaching, he has proclaimed God's Word in almost every French-speaking corner of Canada, Haiti and Europe. His dynamic style presented with many stories and images has allowed thousands of people to enter into a new relationship with Jesus as Lord and Saviour!

       His evangelization ministry was also enhanced through the gift of writing. Author of many books, writing allowed Father Christian to establish links with other people and further deepen his thought process on different ideas presented through his preaching. Many books became bestsellers with many thousand copies in print; that in the religious field, is quite a feat! 

       But Father Christian's main strength is his profound sense of contact and closeness to all person in need. Like the good shepherd, he has a deep concern for the one is far away, for the one who doesn't believe that she is loved or loveable, for those who believe in nothing and in no one, even less in themselves... By his piercing look, by his patient and total listening of everything a person carries, by a simple word given at the right time, hope is renewed and love can spring forth. Be it through the centre he founded in Montreal for youth who struggle with drug addictions, Le Pharillon, or through personal encounters, how many people have been profoundly touched in their whole being and bring them to believe in New Life! 

       Dear Father Christian, may the Lord Jesus who seduced your heart continue to pour forth his most beautiful graces of love, peace and tendernss in your heart! May He be the source of your joy to continue, faithfully and generously, by 100,000 ways, this fruitful ministry. May the celebrations of your 50 years of ministry serving Christ and his people allow you to see that the fiels are ready for the harvest... Then, you will be able to pray with the psalmist: "How shall I make a return to the Lord for all the good He has donne for me..."

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